Diabetes Cheats Victims of Intimacy

Intimacy is a beautiful and powerful part of life. Diabetes often cheats its victims out of the tenderness and passion.

A health blog maintained by The New York Times published The Romantic Toll of Diabetes to discuss the effects of diabetes on the intimate relationships of people living with diabetes. It highlights a new book released by the American Diabetes Association, “Sex and Diabetes.”

The complex bonds of intimacy are interrupted by the toll of diabetes. People often point to physiological changes that diabetes can cause such as erectile dysfunction. However, the emotional side of diabetes probably has a more profound impact on individual sexuality. If you are worried and stressed about managing diabetes, does that affect your ability to connect with your lover?

The New York Times blog points out that food is often a part of relationships. Changing diets can change relationships. If a one partner in a relationship is strict about implementing a new diet, the discomfort can carry over to the relationship.

Almost any marriage or long-term relationship has to endure challenges to the marriage. Pressures come from work and family as well as health. Couples that work through these issues often report the rewards of enduring the challenge together. Working through intimacy issues with diabetes has that potential.

Perhaps working together to identify more healthy foods can help couples come together. Maybe exercising together can help displace some of the diabetes disruption with a feeling of caring and support.